Over-Identification of Minority Children in Special Education – What Can Be Done?

Are you concerned about the amount of minority children that are being diagnosed with disabilities in your school district? Are you worried about the large numbers of African American boys receiving special education services? Are you concerned about your child who is in a minority group and being found eligible for special education! Much has been written in the past several years about the increased numbers of poor African-American children receiving special education services. This article will discuss this issue, and also underlying causes of this.

In 1975 when the Education for All Handicapped Children Act was passed Congress found that poor African-American children were being placed in special education much more often than other children. These difficulties continue today. In the Findings section of IDEA 2004 Congress stated about the ongoing problems with the over-identification of minority children including mislabeling the children and high drop out rates.

About 9% of all school age children are diagnosed with a disability and receive special education services. But African-American children receive special education services at a rate about 40% higher than the national average across racial and ethnic groups at about 12.4%. Studies have shown that schools that have mostly white students and teachers, place a disproportionately high number of minority children in special education.

Also, rates of mental retardation and emotional/behavioral disturbance are extremely elevated within the African-American population, roughly twice the national average. Within the African-American population the incidence of mental retardation is approximately 220% higher than other ethnic groups. For emotional/behavioral disturbance the incidence is approximately 175% higher than other ethnic groups.

Factors that may contribute to disabilities include:

1. Health issues like prenatal care, access to medical care, child nutrition, and possible exposure to lead and other pollutants.

2. Lack of access to good quality medical care as well as services for any mental health disorders.

3. Cultural issues and values or stigma attached to disability

4. Discrimination along the lines of class and race!

5. Misdiagnosis of the child’s behavioral and academic difficulty.

A few ideas that could help decrease the over identification:

1. Better keeping of data to include increased information about race, gender, and race by gender categories. More detailed, systematic, and comprehensive data collections would provide a better sense of demographic representation in special education that could better help understand this issue.

2. More analytic research is needed to improve our understanding of the numerous factors that independently or in combination contribute to a disability diagnosis.

3. More people that are willing to help advocate for children in this situation. I believe that some of this issue, is related to the inability of some special education personnel to understand cultural differences.

4. Better and clearer guidelines for diagnosing disabilities that could reduce the potential for subjective judgments that are often cited for certain diagnosis.

5. More improvements are needed in general education to help children learn to read and keep up with their grade and age appropriate peers.

I hope over time this issue will get resolved so that all children receive an appropriate education.

Robert Kiyosaki Says There Are 3 Types of Education For Financial Success

According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are 3 types of education that are key to financial success in life.

-Scholastic education: This education teaches us to read, write and do math. This education is very important in today’s world.

-Professional education: This education teaches you how to work for money and if your smart get a job as a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other professional trades such as plumbers, builders, auto mechanics and electricians. The country is full of school that will give you this education to help you become more employable.

-Financial education: This is the education where you learn to have money work for you rather than you work for money. This education is not taught in most of our schools.

So many of our parents taught us the “Poor Dad” mentality where we had to get our education to go and work for someone else. Well, with the economy as it is right now, it is less stable having a corporate job than a work at home job. But as Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” taught him, “If you have a poor financial education, you will always work for the rich.”

I don’t know about you, but I am psychologically unemployable having gained the knowledge of a financial education through my Wealth Masters International system. I am no longer employable to work for money. I need to work for myself and have my money working for me. Nothing else makes sense, not even if I was broke would I go back to work for a paycheck. When there are opportunities on the internet where you can work form home and spend less time and create a profit rather than a wage the sky is the limit.

I came to realize that the direct sales system is a way for anyone to acquire great wealth. The system is open to anyone who has drive, determination and perseverance. Or as I also like to categorize it, the correct Mindset, Marketing and Mission. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, or popularity. The direct sales industry is about how much you are willing to learn, share and grow.

My experience with direct sale and network marketing is that people are very willing to share their newly acquired systems to make money. They become teachers of their trade and give back to the economy in a positive manner.

So let us all share what we have learned for ourselves about financial education so we can all create wealth and not work for the rich man any longer.

Listing Education on a Resume

So you’ve gone to the time, expense and effort to complete some aspect of formal education. Or maybe you started to work on this, but then inevitably, life happened… had to take a job to pay the bills, got married, had kids, moved, etc. etc. There’s a universe of things that life can throw at you that can interrupt even the most well-intentioned plans for education.

There are some rules of thumb out there when listing education on a resume which should be considered.

1. DON’T list the year you graduated. Unless you are in an education, government, scientific or highly technical field where having a date of graduation is essential, please don’t broadcast how old you are by including this information. (Human resource managers do the math!) Sure, if you are an adult learner who just got done with a degree, it’s new and important to you just like it is to a person fresh out of high school who immediately went to college. However, resist the temptation to perhaps look younger by listing the graduation date!

With the exception of the four fields mentioned above, the cold, hard truth about education is this:

Most employers really only care whether you graduated… Yes or No.

They don’t care what your GPA was, how many times you made it to the Dean’s list, what scholarships you landed, and sure, you can list that you graduated as magna cum laude or summa cum laude… but that often isn’t a deciding factor as to whether or not to hire you- it just becomes distracting with all of the scholarships, awards, grade points, etc. Keep it clean and simple.

2. A common mistake recent graduates also make is that they want to list their education FRONT AND CENTER… naturally because this is generally the MOST IMPORTANT THING the person has ever done in their lives to date. However, most human resource managers are really probing for what kinds of experience that the person has, not their education. So the best advice is to put the education later in the résumé rather than near the beginning.

3. DO list all of your education. Some people in this economy are becoming sensitive about feeling ‘over-qualified’ or ‘over-educated.’ Think of it this way- employers are in the catbird seat right now… they can afford to hire workers that they couldn’t dream of hiring just five years ago. So they are ‘cherry-picking’ the top candidates and if they can find a top leader in a field who is willing to come work for them, they’ll gladly take them. Who wouldn’t?

Additionally, if you didn’t complete a degree, you can indicate: “Program coursework in: (area of study).

Give yourself credit for the time you’ve put into it, even if the end result isn’t what you had hoped for. It shows initiative and a desire to improve your knowledge and skills.

I’ve had a few clients that I’ve worked with who had put down a degree name on their résumé, but it turned out that during our consultation, that, well, they never ever REALLY ended up finishing their degree.

This kind of misrepresentation is one of the oldest tricks in the job search book… if this sounds like you, it would be in your best interest to be as forthright as possible about your educational background. Human resource managers are well aware of this trick!!! Quite honestly, the EASIEST background check to do in the world is to verify whether a person graduated or not from a particular institution. Fudging it or trying to convey a different impression is a fast-track to the trashbin for your résumé.

So this is an ‘either’ or an ‘or’ situation.

EITHER you got the degree OR you took program coursework in a field.

If you are currently in progress, you can indicate:

Degree name (spelled out, please): area of study (anticipated completion date: ______)

As for the rest of your education, anything else that is not from a formal, accedited institution or career school falls into the ‘professional development’ category, and can include everything from industry certifications, workshops, trainings, continuing education units (CEUs), conferences, seminars, conventions and the like.

You’ll want to call this specific section “Professional Development,” which conveys to an employer that you are always actively taking steps to improve and hone your skills so you can do your job better.

Not working right now? Have some resources? Try keeping up on industry trends by registering for a class in your field through a trade association. It’s a great way to keep your ‘toe in the pool’ and stay current.

Keeping your mind engaged while looking for employment is very important. Sometimes, being laid off is the very opportunity needed to open a new chapter for professional enhancement… there simply wasn’t time for it previously. You never know where this can lead to! A recent client of mine spent the money to get certified with another industry credential. One of the requirements of the certification was to take an exam. When she showed up at the exam location, she found out that she was the only unemployed person there- everyone else was there through their company. The amazing thing was that she got three highly-qualified job leads by talking to the people there at the exam location… and she was so thrilled that the exam itself wasn’t the highlight of the day!

Good Handyman Service for You

Handyman is a person who has various special skills related to the maintenance of your home. Handyman offers a variety of technical services and can help you with many small jobs where you need special tools or skills. Professional Handyman will always expel you from problems of repair, checking, and maintenance. Unfortunately, finding a reliable and quality handyman is not always as easy as imagined. For this reason, here are some tips for finding a good handyman in your area.

First, take advantage of people around you such as neighbors, friends, family, etc., to get the best reference sources. Information from real consumers is an authentic and very reliable source. They usually explain based on experience using handyman services. You also get direct testimonials. Ask for the best handyman service advice. If you have trouble finding a good reference then it’s time to search online through maintenance services in dubai. Find a handyman that suits your needs, and make sure they have good reviews and testimonials. Do not rush to make a decision about the best handyman; making comparisons from several trusted sites is more advisable.

Secondly, if your search has been pursed to a number of handyman provider sites, then you can leave a handyman who has poor reviews even if it’s a little. Look for a handyman who is truly perfect from your point of view so as not to disappoint. There are many trusted handyman provider companies that can be used to find reviews and feedback.

Third, it’s time to establish a relationship with a handyman. Establishing relationships means that you have to ask the handyman directly about many things, such as the type of work, expertise, how to get the job done, experience, equipment used, etc. If the handyman can’t give a satisfying answer, then please find another one.

Fourth, one indicator of a good handyman is that he is willing to provide the telephone numbers of clients who have collaborated before. This method is intended so that you can get firsthand information about the performance and reliability of the handyman, as well as the level of client satisfaction. A client who is satisfied with a service will definitely tell you a positive experience, and recommend working with him.

Fifth, choosing a handyman who has insurance as an accident liability during work, if a handyman has liability insurance, the insurance company takes care of any damage when an accident occurs in your home. This insurance also shows that a handyman really does his job professionally; he is willing to pay insurance costs every month even though workplace accidents do not necessarily occur. My advice, please avoids doubtful situations by choosing a handyman who has insurance.

Sixth, you have to understand the cost determination system. Some handymen charge an hourly fee and a few per job but the most important thing is to avoid surprise costs. Make sure there are no different price quotes when the work is done. Professional Handyman must have calculated all the risks and converted them into reasonable costs.

After you read some of the explanations above, I hope finding a good handyman is not difficult anymore. Those are some feasible processes to be carried out before establishing deeper collaboration. Consider the steps above and don’t let yourself get stuck with a low-quality handyman. You can also use maintenance services in dubai to get a professional and trusted handyman.

Lost Hair Due to Cancer

Halloween is a time where you will go for new costumes to look the scariest. It is also said that Halloween costumes look incomplete without a wig. It makes you look more scary and completes the whole Halloween look. You can even find various types of facial hair such as beards and mustaches to coordinate with your costume. Recently Badin students parted with hair which would be used to make wigs for women who have lost hair due to cancer.

There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from, when it comes to Halloween costumes and accessories like wigs, mustaches, beards, or eyebrows. The most popular ones still remain the costume wigs like Rocker, Pirate, Raggedy Ann, Devil, Bumble Bee, or Little Mermaid. These are the traditional hairpieces which are still most commonly used ones. With the release of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate wigs have also become very popular amongst children. The other popular types are period costume ones which are long and curly ones available in various colors to match your dress color. Another popular one is the mermaid which is flattering for all types of faces. These hairpieces come in shocking colors like electric pink, blue, green or even white.

What are these hair made from?

Hair are generally made from real human hair. This lends them the authentic look and makes them look the way it is supposed to be. However in case of Halloween wigs, the motive is to look scary and different. For this reason most of the Halloween ones are made from synthetic material and a lot of color is added to them. Often these Halloween ones have glitter and metallic shine added to them to so that they shine in the dark. These are meant for short time use and may not last for years, unlike the costly ones made from real human hair. So if you want to add a natural look to your Halloween costume and get up you can choose from a reputed store which sells good quality hairpieces that will last you for several years to come.

Can Other Students Help You Improve Your Yoga?

Many of us who regularly go to yoga classes will hear instructors tell us not to look at other people in the room, but think about our own practice. There is no doubt about the truth of this suggestion. When making this comment, the instructor reminds us to practice yoga without ego and pride that can make us try to compete with our neighbors or make us feel inadequate if we cannot achieve posture.

Learning from ourselves

Yoga is an individual practice that helps us to focus our mind though the movement and use of our body. It is only by bringing our full awareness and concentration to our own bodies, movement and alignment that we can fully relax and deepen our stretches. Listening to our bodies is essential to avoid injury while we continue to test and extend the limitations of our body to improve our yoga abilities.

A learning environment

With this in mind, when we practice with a room full of others, it is sometimes difficult to completely resist the desire to have a quick look at what others are doing.

But we don’t necessarily have to feel guilty from these indiscretions. Yoga class is a learning environment, and there is a lot that we can learn and benefit from our curiosity if we remember that we are not in competition with the others in the room.

The most basic help from a quick look around is if we are not fully concentrating on the teacher’s instruction. If we are focussed on our current pose it’s possible that we miss the name of the next pose or didn’t fully understand the instructions then a quick look over can provide clarification.

While we may rely on the instructor to help with our alignment, it’s not always possible for them to visit us all individually for each posture. Instead, while we hold the pose we should be feeling our position, examining our alignment and correcting it ourselves – if there are mirrors in the room, they can help with this for some postures. If we are unsure about the correct alignment and position for some postures a quick look over at the more capable students in the room, to see their position, can be all that’s needed to correct our own understanding. If we can see the instructor correcting another student’s posture, we can follow that and try to apply it to our own posture. (Obviously this approach has the risk that we are copying someone else who is not aligned correctly. If you’re really unsure of the pose then it’s still best to ask the instructor).

Be inspired

Many of us started yoga to improve some aspect of our physical appearance, to loose fat, build muscle or improve our posture for example. A quick look over at the beautiful boys and girls elegantly stretching and exercising their bodies can remind us of what we’re trying to achieve, and show us what may be achieved. This can be a source of enormous inspiration and motivation from seeing what can be achieved by the more able students in the class, more so than looking at the instructor.

We expect the instructor to have certain abilities beyond ours simply because they are teaching us, they have the superior position in the teacher, student relationship. However, when we think of other students, we see them on the same level as ourselves, human just like us, and we can relate to them more easily. If we remember that they have probably reached their yoga abilities through practice, we can be inspired to further test our own boundaries.

Similarly, if we see one of our class mate’s abilities improving over time, we can be further encouraged that through more effort in our practice, or more focus on the areas that we want to improve, we too can achieve our goals.

A Cool Gift Idea for Piano Students Helps Students Practice

I have taught piano for years and I have found great ways to encourage my young students to practice. During my group piano lessons I put practice students on each student’s piano. This year at the beginning of the school year I gave each student a special gift – Piano Pal Practice for their piano at home. Piano Practice Pal is a friend of small stuffed animals that students take home and use their piano to accompany them while they practice. When a piano student reaches a new goal that is challenging for them, I like to give them new piano exercises in different colors to add to their piano collection at home. Children ages 5 to 11 as well as older children enjoy this special recognition and encouragement.

Some parents and piano teachers may think this is unnecessary because students don’t need things to get them to practice. Well I’m not trying to get students to practice by bribing them with toys. I’m just showing them how they can make their piano practice time even more enjoyable. Why shouldn’t piano practice be a fun as possible! Some of my students even like to talk to their practice pals from time to time during their practice. Other student’s practice pals become piano student Cheer Leaders. I’ve even composed a song for my young students called the Piano Practice Pal Cheer!

My work is never done, I will always give a cheer – Whoooo! My piano student’s near and so very, very dear – Whooo! Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Way to Go! That’s the way to be an Ace, it’s much more work to make a face!

My work is never done, I will always give a cheer – Whoooo! My piano student’s near and so very, very dear – Whoooo!

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, P-i-a-n-o! I’m such a chum to listen, pal, so please don’t ever go!

Stay and have more music fun with your P – i – a – n – o, Chum, Chum, Chum.

I love helping children achieve their musical dreams by making piano lessons both challenging and fun! And you can too…

To learn the best way to share the gift of music with children visit Amazon.com for my Piano Bears Musical Stories for Children The exciting Piano Bears Musical Stories for children ages 5 to 11 feature the loveable characters, Mrs. Treble Beary and her new piano student, Albeart Littlebud. Children love following along with Albeart to Mrs. Treble Beary’s piano studio in Musical Acres Forest. Here they learn what piano lessons are all about in a fun way that kids readily understand and appreciate! Piano students laugh and giggle while reading “Little Bear’s Musical Garden” and “Little Bear’s Piano Goals.”

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/95477

Time Management and Students

Helping Our Spouse Stay Motivated

Generally not a high priority in our minds. That is not true. Studying homework, children, laundry, cooking, shopping, now that is a priority. Falling into bed before falling, now that’s priority.

But Think About All Your Spouse

Does to help you. It’s probably quite a lot and… especially if you’re a nontraditional student like I was… includes things like picking up the kids, heating leftovers (or even cooking), doing laundry (even just his own is a big help), keeping the kids entertained so you can study (a movie in a theater works great for this). He (or she) probably helps out much more than we give credit for.

We Have To Remember

That we’re already motivated. I mean, it takes motivation to go to college. Motivation to study, do research, write papers, and study for exams.

Regardless of the how much or how little he does to help every little bit is something off your proverbial plate. It’s something that he’s taking time away from whatever he’d be doing otherwise to do something specifically for you.

I Can Just Hear the Chorus Ringing

“He’d just be watching TV” Yes, I know this. That could almost go without saying but while it may be true that that’s what he’d prefer to be doing… he’s not so that he can do something for you.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some ways of helping your spouse stay motivated while you pursue your dream (even if it is for the both of you, it’s still your dream).

· Verbal Appreciation – Goes a long way… a very long way. A simple “Thank you, honey” can make it all worthwhile for him.

· Giving Him the Day/Night Off – Tuck was a tremendous help to me all through college and graduate school. If he asked me if I needed him on Saturday I knew he wanted to go fishing if I didn’t. He helped out so much that I did whatever I could to make sure that he was able to go and do what he wanted to do. That may have included finding someone else to babysit for a few hours.

· Good Old Fashioned Sex – Last time I checked this still worked wonders. Men are always all about sex and if they save you time they are probably hoping (at least in the back of their mind) that some of that saved time might end up finding its way into the bedroom. Hey – can’t blame them for trying. (Just as a side note you really do want to make sure that you do make time for this part of your life. And a good time management plan will help you there.)

Students Helping Students

A new trend for recycling textbooks is to trade them online. There are programs that create spaces where students can trade. This website is like a bulletin board where various websites list their ability to trade and students can choose where to go. Students can make a list of books on their campus and can find them from anywhere in the country.

Most sites have been created to help students save money on the cost of new textbooks. When you list your books other students who haven’t taken your classes yet can find the books they need. Generally, you will need to give your campus site and name for your local site or you may find it somewhere in your community. All this is available when you list your needs online.

One of the reasons it makes sense to trade books is that publishers of new textbooks bring out a new edition about every three years. Usually professors will go with the newer edition but in reality, the publisher doesn’t change much from one edition to another. If you purchase it new, you’re going to pay a higher price.

There area many different ways to cut the cost by trading. You can ask around to other students as well or you can look for them at a variety of social sites. For instance, MySpace, Craigslist, and Facebook have people who want to get rid of their used textbooks. Ask around at these places. Bookswaps at Campusbookswap is another organization that allows students to trade their books online.

Another idea that is new and that will probably catch is to rent your textbook. You can find sites online that will actually rent books for a very nominal fee. As an example, Chegg allows you to rent the book for the entire semester and they have an easy way to get your books and send them back. Their site looks a little like the Netflix site for videos.

One of the areas where most students may not think to look is their college library. Often there will be a copy or two of a current textbook that will be on display for students who don’t have access to the book within the first couple of weeks. This is great way to find them too.

As more students find ways to get used textbooks some of the publishers are having challenges because they make most of their money through new books sales. In some situations they are asking college bookstores not to sell used copies of their textbooks and some college bookstores are asking professors not to tell students to buy books online. However, with the rising cost of new textbooks something has to be done. Each student has a right to get their books wherever they can find the best bargains.

Financial Aid For Students Helps

Financial assistance for students refers to paying tuition fees. They cannot afford to pay tuition fees, school supplies, and more without this assistance. Having some kind of financial assistance, students will be attracted to college and pursue their dreams of getting a degree and getting a higher education. For guardians, this will be the most important and good investment for their students because this is the only inheritance that parents can give to them.

Financial assistance helps every college student even if you are a single mother or single mom who is planning to attend college to have a degree, well you should apply this kind of aid to avoid mismanagement of finances. Even if, financial aid pays a small amount of the tuition fee it doesn’t matter. At least when you go to college your parents will be proud off, not the only reason you go to college but they don’t need to get money out from their pockets.

There are many types of aid for students that could help a student from their financial matters in regards with their tuition fees in schools. The usual aid that these students have is by way of applying as a service crew of a fast food chain or working as an assistant clerk in a mini mart/convenience store. It doesn’t mean that this is the only option to get a financial aid for students; there are also other ways depending on your expertise.

For the students that are industrious and like quiet places, they can apply as a student assistant in their respective schools or institutions. It can be in the library, in the lab as a lab assistant, or etc.

For the sports jocks/sports minded, this is their chance to show and brag their athletic abilities for their glory and the glory of the school. Becoming a varsity of a sports team and gaining perks like tuition discounts or varsity scholarships is the financial aid that they can get. If they are good enough in their performance on the team and academics, they can maintain this type of financial aid until they graduate from the high school and college.

Applying for financial aid for students will be very helpful. Always plan and picture out about your future. This type of aid would be very interesting for you when you end up with a great success, a high degree, and living a healthy lifestyle.