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Can Other Students Help You Improve Your Yoga?

Many of us who regularly go to yoga classes will hear instructors tell us not to look at other people in the room, but think about our own practice. There is no doubt about the truth of this suggestion. When making this comment, the instructor reminds us to practice yoga without ego and pride that can make us try to compete with our neighbors or make us feel inadequate if we cannot achieve posture.

Learning from ourselves

Yoga is an individual practice that helps us to focus our mind though the movement and use of our body. It is only by bringing our full awareness and concentration to our own bodies, movement and alignment that we can fully relax and deepen our stretches. Listening to our bodies is essential to avoid injury while we continue to test and extend the limitations of our body to improve our yoga abilities.

A learning environment

With this in mind, when we practice with a room full of others, it is sometimes difficult to completely resist the desire to have a quick look at what others are doing.

But we don’t necessarily have to feel guilty from these indiscretions. Yoga class is a learning environment, and there is a lot that we can learn and benefit from our curiosity if we remember that we are not in competition with the others in the room.

The most basic help from a quick look around is if we are not fully concentrating on the teacher’s instruction. If we are focussed on our current pose it’s possible that we miss the name of the next pose or didn’t fully understand the instructions then a quick look over can provide clarification.

While we may rely on the instructor to help with our alignment, it’s not always possible for them to visit us all individually for each posture. Instead, while we hold the pose we should be feeling our position, examining our alignment and correcting it ourselves – if there are mirrors in the room, they can help with this for some postures. If we are unsure about the correct alignment and position for some postures a quick look over at the more capable students in the room, to see their position, can be all that’s needed to correct our own understanding. If we can see the instructor correcting another student’s posture, we can follow that and try to apply it to our own posture. (Obviously this approach has the risk that we are copying someone else who is not aligned correctly. If you’re really unsure of the pose then it’s still best to ask the instructor).

Be inspired

Many of us started yoga to improve some aspect of our physical appearance, to loose fat, build muscle or improve our posture for example. A quick look over at the beautiful boys and girls elegantly stretching and exercising their bodies can remind us of what we’re trying to achieve, and show us what may be achieved. This can be a source of enormous inspiration and motivation from seeing what can be achieved by the more able students in the class, more so than looking at the instructor.

We expect the instructor to have certain abilities beyond ours simply because they are teaching us, they have the superior position in the teacher, student relationship. However, when we think of other students, we see them on the same level as ourselves, human just like us, and we can relate to them more easily. If we remember that they have probably reached their yoga abilities through practice, we can be inspired to further test our own boundaries.

Similarly, if we see one of our class mate’s abilities improving over time, we can be further encouraged that through more effort in our practice, or more focus on the areas that we want to improve, we too can achieve our goals.

Financial Aid For Students Helps

Financial assistance for students refers to paying tuition fees. They cannot afford to pay tuition fees, school supplies, and more without this assistance. Having some kind of financial assistance, students will be attracted to college and pursue their dreams of getting a degree and getting a higher education. For guardians, this will be the most important and good investment for their students because this is the only inheritance that parents can give to them.

Financial assistance helps every college student even if you are a single mother or single mom who is planning to attend college to have a degree, well you should apply this kind of aid to avoid mismanagement of finances. Even if, financial aid pays a small amount of the tuition fee it doesn’t matter. At least when you go to college your parents will be proud off, not the only reason you go to college but they don’t need to get money out from their pockets.

There are many types of aid for students that could help a student from their financial matters in regards with their tuition fees in schools. The usual aid that these students have is by way of applying as a service crew of a fast food chain or working as an assistant clerk in a mini mart/convenience store. It doesn’t mean that this is the only option to get a financial aid for students; there are also other ways depending on your expertise.

For the students that are industrious and like quiet places, they can apply as a student assistant in their respective schools or institutions. It can be in the library, in the lab as a lab assistant, or etc.

For the sports jocks/sports minded, this is their chance to show and brag their athletic abilities for their glory and the glory of the school. Becoming a varsity of a sports team and gaining perks like tuition discounts or varsity scholarships is the financial aid that they can get. If they are good enough in their performance on the team and academics, they can maintain this type of financial aid until they graduate from the high school and college.

Applying for financial aid for students will be very helpful. Always plan and picture out about your future. This type of aid would be very interesting for you when you end up with a great success, a high degree, and living a healthy lifestyle.