Lost Hair Due to Cancer

Halloween is a time where you will go for new costumes to look the scariest. It is also said that Halloween costumes look incomplete without a wig. It makes you look more scary and completes the whole Halloween look. You can even find various types of facial hair such as beards and mustaches to coordinate with your costume. Recently Badin students parted with hair which would be used to make wigs for women who have lost hair due to cancer.

There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from, when it comes to Halloween costumes and accessories like wigs, mustaches, beards, or eyebrows. The most popular ones still remain the costume wigs like Rocker, Pirate, Raggedy Ann, Devil, Bumble Bee, or Little Mermaid. These are the traditional hairpieces which are still most commonly used ones. With the release of the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate wigs have also become very popular amongst children. The other popular types are period costume ones which are long and curly ones available in various colors to match your dress color. Another popular one is the mermaid which is flattering for all types of faces. These hairpieces come in shocking colors like electric pink, blue, green or even white.

What are these hair made from?

Hair are generally made from real human hair. This lends them the authentic look and makes them look the way it is supposed to be. However in case of Halloween wigs, the motive is to look scary and different. For this reason most of the Halloween ones are made from synthetic material and a lot of color is added to them. Often these Halloween ones have glitter and metallic shine added to them to so that they shine in the dark. These are meant for short time use and may not last for years, unlike the costly ones made from real human hair. So if you want to add a natural look to your Halloween costume and get up you can choose from a reputed store which sells good quality hairpieces that will last you for several years to come.