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A Cool Gift Idea for Piano Students Helps Students Practice

I have taught piano for years and I have found great ways to encourage my young students to practice. During my group piano lessons I put practice students on each student’s piano. This year at the beginning of the school year I gave each student a special gift – Piano Pal Practice for their piano at home. Piano Practice Pal is a friend of small stuffed animals that students take home and use their piano to accompany them while they practice. When a piano student reaches a new goal that is challenging for them, I like to give them new piano exercises in different colors to add to their piano collection at home. Children ages 5 to 11 as well as older children enjoy this special recognition and encouragement.

Some parents and piano teachers may think this is unnecessary because students don’t need things to get them to practice. Well I’m not trying to get students to practice by bribing them with toys. I’m just showing them how they can make their piano practice time even more enjoyable. Why shouldn’t piano practice be a fun as possible! Some of my students even like to talk to their practice pals from time to time during their practice. Other student’s practice pals become piano student Cheer Leaders. I’ve even composed a song for my young students called the Piano Practice Pal Cheer!

My work is never done, I will always give a cheer – Whoooo! My piano student’s near and so very, very dear – Whooo! Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Way to Go! That’s the way to be an Ace, it’s much more work to make a face!

My work is never done, I will always give a cheer – Whoooo! My piano student’s near and so very, very dear – Whoooo!

Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, P-i-a-n-o! I’m such a chum to listen, pal, so please don’t ever go!

Stay and have more music fun with your P – i – a – n – o, Chum, Chum, Chum.

I love helping children achieve their musical dreams by making piano lessons both challenging and fun! And you can too…

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