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Time Management and Students

Helping Our Spouse Stay Motivated

Generally not a high priority in our minds. That is not true. Studying homework, children, laundry, cooking, shopping, now that is a priority. Falling into bed before falling, now that’s priority.

But Think About All Your Spouse

Does to help you. It’s probably quite a lot and… especially if you’re a nontraditional student like I was… includes things like picking up the kids, heating leftovers (or even cooking), doing laundry (even just his own is a big help), keeping the kids entertained so you can study (a movie in a theater works great for this). He (or she) probably helps out much more than we give credit for.

We Have To Remember

That we’re already motivated. I mean, it takes motivation to go to college. Motivation to study, do research, write papers, and study for exams.

Regardless of the how much or how little he does to help every little bit is something off your proverbial plate. It’s something that he’s taking time away from whatever he’d be doing otherwise to do something specifically for you.

I Can Just Hear the Chorus Ringing

“He’d just be watching TV” Yes, I know this. That could almost go without saying but while it may be true that that’s what he’d prefer to be doing… he’s not so that he can do something for you.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some ways of helping your spouse stay motivated while you pursue your dream (even if it is for the both of you, it’s still your dream).

· Verbal Appreciation – Goes a long way… a very long way. A simple “Thank you, honey” can make it all worthwhile for him.

· Giving Him the Day/Night Off – Tuck was a tremendous help to me all through college and graduate school. If he asked me if I needed him on Saturday I knew he wanted to go fishing if I didn’t. He helped out so much that I did whatever I could to make sure that he was able to go and do what he wanted to do. That may have included finding someone else to babysit for a few hours.

· Good Old Fashioned Sex – Last time I checked this still worked wonders. Men are always all about sex and if they save you time they are probably hoping (at least in the back of their mind) that some of that saved time might end up finding its way into the bedroom. Hey – can’t blame them for trying. (Just as a side note you really do want to make sure that you do make time for this part of your life. And a good time management plan will help you there.)