Look Cool Every Day with Car Modifications

Many modifications have to spend a lot of money, especially in the engine. The purpose of upgrading the engine is to increase agility and speed. It really needs to be done for those who love the world of speed or racing. However, to support daily activities, engine modification is not necessary. You can make modifications to other parts such as the body, wheels, steering wheel, etc.

To support daily activities, it is strongly recommended to choose a simple modification concept, not too extreme and not too tacky. Determination of the theme is also very important to ensure the direction of modification and costs required. You can choose various themes such as classic, sport, unique, etc. After that, you need to estimate the cost needed to purchase parts, accessories, and installation costs.

Wheels – Car modification can be done on various parts of the car, one of which is alloy wheels. Wheel modification aims to make the car look more sporty; striking changes are usually found in the size of the wheels that are bigger than before, but for everyday use, it is better to use a standard size wheel.

Body Kit – Body kit is an additional component on the front, rear and side bumpers. Of course, with the addition of these components your car will look more stylish and more pleasing to the eye. Besides adding to the vibrant appearance, the body kit is also able to improve vehicle performance; the bumper and side skirts are able to block the entry of wind to the bottom of the vehicle so that it will increase the car speed when driving.

Car Steering Wheel – If you have modified the outside of the vehicle, it is not enough if you do not change the appearance of the inside. One way is to enhance the appearance of the steering wheel. Why steering? The answer is quite simple because behind the wheel is where the driver is located. The comfort of the steering wheel is a major factor in safe driving. You can use a steering wheel that is equipped with anti-theft facility.

In conclusion, modifications not only improve the appearance but also the quality of driving. That way, you can also drive safely either alone or with family.

Caring for Car Paint

Exterior appearance of the car symbolizes the characteristics of the owner, of course your car does not want to look ugly, right ?. Car lovers change their car’s body paint if it’s no longer shiny, but painting takes a long time, besides the cost is also expensive. Caring for car body parts is the best solution to overcome car paint to keep it looking clean.

The following are tips for caring for car paint so that it is clean and durable, so that your favorite car looks sleek every day.

The first tip is to avoid the car from excessive sunlight. When stopping, look for a shady parking spot if the car will be parked long. If you do not find a shady parking lot, overcome by using a car holster or other car covers.

Use a special car soap when washing the car, because special car shampoo has ingredients that have been adjusted to treat car paint. Do not use bath soap to wash the car because it causes the car body to become thinner and rough; many people have proven that washing the car using bath soap affects the color of the car which is uneven and does not look clean.

Clean the outside of the car with a soft cloth. Usually there is already a special cloth available for car laps like chamois. If you do not have a special fabric, you can use other fabrics that are made from soft and soft. When cleaning your body with a rag you must clean it, if the cloth is dirty, it can cause the paint to look unclean because there are many stains left behind.

Washing a car regularly aims to prevent dirt that sticks for too long. But washing the car does not have to be every day, at least once a week, and more often when it rains. When your car is exposed to rain water do not leave it, immediately flush with clean water then dry and you can wash it.

Keep parking the vehicle in an open place because dew water can fade the paint and reduce the durability of the car body. If this happens continuously it can cause the car body to crack. Put a car holster when parking at night to keep from objects that can fade car paint.